Healing Place Counselling

Healing Place Counselling

Choosing a counsellor is one of the most important and personal decisions you can make. We are grateful to have you here. At the Healing Place, we have dedicated, qualified, and compassionate counsellors who will support you on your unique journey.

Individuals, couples, and families are all welcome.

Counselling Philosophy

Some of the ways in which counselling can be beneficial are through bringing deeper personal insight, helping find better ways of coping with problems, and also can help you improve your relationships.

That said, counselling requires you to be a full participant and be willing to examine difficult topics or memories. It may cause you to feel stronger than normal emotions. We believe that you are the best ‘expert’ of your own life and that in joining you, we become partners in your healing. Should you experience anything troubling at any time during counselling please speak with us about it.

At The Healing Place, you will always find a client-centered approach, which means that as the client, you know best and the counsellor employs all of their knowledge and skill to assist you in obtaining emotional and psychological health.