Hansel Deli Cloverdale Sausage & Meats

Hansel Deli Cloverdale Sausage & Meats

Happily In Cloverdale since 1963

Hansel Deli has been an active part of Cloverdale’s community over the last 60 years. It started off as an Eastern European deli, best known for the famous Kolbassa sausage. The original owner, Art, put his heart and soul into this deli, and many of his products and recipes are still in stock today! The deli has changed ownership a few times, and in 2014, Charlie and Raminder took ownership. Both Charlie and Raminder have been residents of Cloverdale for over 30 years, and were previously known in Cloverdale with their involvement with the long standing Cloverdale Supermarket!

Since taking ownership, Charlie and Raminder have carried forward all the Eastern European foods the deli has had, and brought in a large range of Scandinavian products. Recently, they started preparing Danish products in house (Leverpostej, Rullepolse, Flaeskestag, and others). We aim to keep improving, and are always open to trying to new recipes as we continue to tailor our store for you! We are excited to continue serving the many communities we are involved with.

See you soon 🙂

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