Translink HandyDART

Translink HandyDART

HandyDART is an accessible, door-to-door shared transit service for people with permanent or temporary disabilities that prevent them from using fixed-route transit without assistance from another person. HandyDART picks you up at your accessible door and drops you off at the accessible door of your destination. Customers must first register, at no charge, for this program.

HandyDART is part of the Accessible Services offered by your local transit service.

Many HandyDART customers use a combination of fixed-route and HandyDART services depending on their travel needs and destination.

Two types of accessible transit service are offered: shared door-to-door HandyDART service and fixed-route service. Fixed-route service includes either low-floor buses with ramps, or lift-equipped buses on fixed routes and schedules.

Fixed-route buses have securements for wheelchairs or scooters. To check if a stop is accessible, call your local transit office. Customers using wheelchairs or scooters, registered HandyDART customers or CNIB pass holders may travel with an attendant. Attendants travel free and must board and exit at the same stop as the customer requiring assistance and help load and secure mobility aids on the bus.


Service Hours

Monday to Thursday:   7:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday:                             7:00 am to midnight
Saturday:                        8:00 am to midnight
Sunday and holidays:   8:00 am to 10:00 pm