Cloverdale Robotics

Cloverdale Robotics

WORLD CLASS CURRICULUM: We pick and choose the best, age-appropriate curriculum from around the world. Mostly from leading universities around the world etc.

ONLINE LAB:  Our online courses are unlike any other. Kids get to execute code in real robots & watch that on camera in our online lab! An industry first.

PLANNED MULTI-YEAR CURRICULUM: NO MORE SPORADIC COURSES: We have a planned set of courses to a four level structure (Level 0 to Level 3) for Robotics, AI, Coding stream. Students don’t have to take sporadic courses here and there anymore. Please see the picture below and Video.

8-12 STUDENTS MAX IN A CLASS​: We have max 8 students in our online classes. 8 to 12 in in-person classes. Small class sizes make a difference!

BEST INSTRUCTORS​​: All our instructors for Level 2 and 3 are professionals in industry or college students/graduates. For Level 0 and 1 (Elementary & Middle School) students we have carefully selected and fully trained staff.



Monday – Sunday    8:30 a.m.–7 p.m.


17720 57 Ave, #205